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What is the source of a? This is a very serious and scientific problems.


What is the source of a? It is a matter of source of survival and development.


What is the source of a? It is a matter of source mission and values.


After a person, only correctly positioned, to actively pursue, doggedly to fight their own ideals and goals; After an enterprise, only correctly positioned to successfully achieve its vision and mission, to the sustainable, rapid and healthy development.


The source is a fishing line round of professional development, production and sales enterprises.


Source in the "fishing line round specialization" as the core strategy, timely implementation of the related diversification strategy and multi-brand strategy, gradually into the fishing rod, bags and tents and other closely related fields, and strive to achieve in every field leading domestic, international advanced level.


Source to become popular in respect of professional fishing gear suppliers, continuing to provide human better, update the leisure culture and way of life, do whatever is necessary to make fishing feel better, at the same time allow customers to get maximum benefit, let employees to realize personal value, resulting in the great feedback society.




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