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Chinese fishing gear exhibition mature gradually become the gear industry leader

30 years of reform and opening up of China's fishing industry has been rapid development, from the initial small fishing business retail traders for the development of large-scale chain store distribution, a large number of fishing enterprises have mushroomed have to independent brand development. In order to meet the majority of fishing gear manufacturers to expand sales channels, contact new dealers, a wide range of promotional products, enhance brand image exposure, understand the fishing industry dynamic business demands, fishing gear exhibition came into being.

In recent years, the number of fishing gear exhibition continues to expand the scale, from the international fishing trade fair, Weihai fair, Beijing exhibition of fishing gear fishing consumption, CGC, EXPO, to spend in Suzhou, Tianjin blue sea fishing tackle exhibition, exhibition of Guangzhou Golden Flower fishing fairs, at the same time the connotation and strategy of the exhibition has also been considerable development, many exhibitors manufacturers are also accompanied by the development of this exhibition exhibition platform has more profound understanding and use, in every show loud stage constantly refresh their own performance and spirit.

Compared with the previous exhibition, in many large fishing gear exhibition in 2014, participating exhibitors to tackle a new upgrade. The main intention of fishing gear has been the exhibitors is to expand sales orders, to measure the effect of the exhibition exhibitors scale is also to take this opportunity to get the number of orders, to demand such a show show itself does bring economic benefits to the majority of manufacturers direct, on the other hand also showed shallow the previous exhibition function play has not yet reached a mature stage show performance, extended follow-up benefit its brand culture propaganda has not been reflected. In this year's show more and more enterprises to the exhibition focused on the core technology of the new conference publicity and propaganda, there are more companies to borrow on the occasion of the exhibition industry media promote their brand image. The fair features from the site extends to follow-up effect outside the exhibition began to higher levels of trade and investment in the development of business.

It is understood by the Japanese Osaka Fishing Association, 2014 fifty-first Japanese fishing show in Osaka is mainly composed of fishing gear and fishing tackle fishing enthusiasts, business magazine, news media and a total of 150 enterprises to participate in the exhibition on the first day only allows professionals to be banned during the exhibition, and will sell products to personnel (including Internet sales). The sales order, revealed the foreign sales market modality to us. A high level of fishing gear exhibition not only stay in the stage of product sales, but also to the brand publicity, macro efficiency of enterprises in the first planning.

At present, China's fishing show rapid development momentum, with the accumulation of experience and the connotation of the precipitation, many enterprises for the promotion of goods and enterprise brand core competitiveness, has been more solid long-term, this year a large number of media appearances in front of the enterprise, can predict the future of mature marketing mode is gradually established, who look at the 2015 fishing gear exhibition exhibition upgrade into a new stage.

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